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Illinois Judicial Conference | State of Illinois Office of the Illinois Courts

The Illinois Judicial Conference (IJC) was reconstituted in September 2018 “to consider the work of the courts, to suggest improvements in the administration of justice, and to make recommendations for the improvement of the courts.” The new IJC is comprised of 29 voting members: 15 judges and 14 non-judges, with the Chief Justice serving as Chair. The new structure includes a total of 24 appointments by the Court: another Justice of the Supreme Court, a member of the Access to Justice Commission, a member of the Judicial College Board of Trustees, an appellate judge, judges representing each of the five appellate court districts, court clerks, trial court administrators, attorneys, members of the public and a non-judge involved in the judicial branch or administration of justice.

2022-2025 Illinois Judicial Conference Strategic Agenda

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  Watch 2022 Strategic Agenda Kickoff -10/19/22

2023 Strategic Agenda Operational Plan


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Members Designated by Position

Hon. Mary Jane Theis

Chief Justice

Marcia M. Meis

AOIC Director

Hon. Timothy C. Evans

Chief Judge of Circuit Court of Cook County

Hon. David L. Vancil

Conference of Chief Circuit Judges - Chair

Hon. Katherine S. Gorman

Conference of Chief Circuit Judges - Vice Chair

Members Designated By Appointment

Title Term End Date
Supreme Court Justice 2025 P. Scott Neville, Jr.
Judge from the 1st Appellate District 10/1/2023 Hon. Celia G. Gamrath
Judge from the 1st Appellate District 10/1/2024
Hon. Carl A. Walker
Judge from the 2nd Appellate District 10/1/2025 Hon. Jorge L. Ortiz
Judge from the 3rd Appellate District 10/1/2025 Hon. JoAnn Imani Drew
Judge from the 4th Appellate District 10/1/2024 Hon. Ronda D. Holliman
Judge from the 5th Appellate District
10/1/2023 Hon. David K. Overstreet
Access to Justice Commission Member 10/1/2025 Hon. Mary K. Rochford
Appellate Court Judge 10/1/2024 Hon. Ann B. Jorgensen
Attorney 10/1/2024 J. Timothy Eaton
Attorney 10/1/2025 Kimberly M. Foxx
10/1/2023 Adam R. Vaught
Circuit Clerk
10/1/2024 Andrea L. Chasteen
Circuit Clerk
10/1/2025 Katherine M. Keefe
Circuit or Reviewing Court Clerk
10/1/2023 Carla L. Bender
Judicial College Board of Trustees Member
10/1/2023 Hon. Daniel B. Shanes
Non-Judge Involved in Judicial Branch or Administration of Justice
10/1/2024 Avik Das
Public Member
10/1/2025 Robert A. Glaves
Public Member
10/1/2023 Kathryn A. Saltmarsh
Public Member
10/1/2024 Lawrence J. Suffredin
Trial Court Administrator
10/1/2023 Suzanne Armstrong
Trial Court Administrator
10/1/2024 Thomas Jakeway
Trial Court Administrator
10/1/2025 William Scanlon
Director of Strategic Planning
Alison Spanner
Deputy Director of Strategic PlanningMarisa Wiesman

Judicial Conference Task Force Reports

Judicial Conference Task Force Reports

Past Strategic Agenda Reports

Past Operational Plans