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Communications Division | State of Illinois Office of the Illinois Courts

(312) 793-2323 (Chicago Office)

Chris Bonjean, Chief Communications Officer

The Office of Communications and Public Information manages internal and external communications, including media relations and public information, for the Illinois Supreme Court and the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts.

The Office coordinates the Court’s social media communications and responds to media inquiries, issues press releases regarding the Court’s adjudicative and administrative actions, and serves as a resource for trial courts implementing the Court’s Policy for Extended Media Coverage. The Office also coordinates with the Illinois Supreme Court’s Boards and Commissions, the Illinois Judicial College, and other entities to advance outreach efforts.

The Office produces two newsletters. The Media Monitor is sent out each morning (Monday-Friday) to all judges and key judicial branch staff. It is a summary of relevant media clips intended to keep readers informed about Court-related news. Illinois Courts Connect is published the last Wednesday of each month. It goes out to a broader audience, including the media and public, and contains Court news for that particular month. Current and past issues are available online.