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Supreme Court Courtroom Etiquette | State of Illinois Office of the Illinois Courts

Customary rules of decorum are observed when attending or visiting sessions of the Illinois Supreme Court.

1. Timely arrival. The Supreme Court convenes promptly at its announced starting times. All attorneys and others having business before the Court should be seated in the Courtroom before time for the Court to convene.

2. Marshal's announcement. As soon as members of the Court are ready to enter the Courtroom, the Marshal will announce their approach by rapping the gavel. Immediately all persons present will rise to their feet and remain standing until all members of the Court are seated.

3. Recess and Adjournment. When the Chief Justice announces a recess or adjournment, the Marshal will call all persons to their feet with a rap of the gavel, and they will continue to stand until all members of the Court have retired from the room. During this recessional, the audience should refrain from movement or conversation.

4. Courtesy to speaker. Whenever members of the bar are addressing the Court, or members of the Court are speaking, all other persons in the Courtroom should remain silent. Persons wishing to retire from the Courtroom should wait until an oral argument has been completed.