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Administrative Services Division | State of Illinois Office of the Illinois Courts

(217) 782-7770 (Springfield Office)

Kara McCaffrey, Chief Fiscal Officer

The Administrative Services Division provides technical and administrative support services to the judicial branch through its three operational units; the Payroll Unit, the Accounting Unit, and the Fiscal Unit.

The Payroll/Benefits Unit maintains all payroll records for current state-paid judicial branch employees as well as records for all previous judicial branch offices and employees. Staff of this unit work with the Office of the Comptroller to produce both monthly and semimonthly payrolls for over 1,500 current judicial branch employees. Payroll/Benefits Unit staff interact with representatives of both the Judges’ Retirement System and the State Employees’ Retirement System to ensure continued benefits for judicial branch officers and employees. Payroll/Benefits Unit staff also coordinate the state’s varied employee benefit programs, including health, dental, and life insurance.

The Accounting Unit consistently and accurately processes all payment vouchers for the Supreme Court, the Appellate Court, the state paid functions of the Circuit Courts, and the Administrative Office. The Accounting Unit also maintains all financial records for the expenditure of resources appropriated by the General Assembly. Staff of this unit work closely with the Comptroller’s Office to reconcile payment information needed to facilitate the payment of judicial branch bills.

In addition to overseeing procurement activities, the Budget Unit produces highly technical and analytical financial reports used by judicial branch managers and the Administrative Director. These reports track daily spending, contractual obligations, and projected spending needs. This unit also prepares the comprehensive documentation utilized in the development and implementation of the annual judicial branch budget.