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Probation Services | State of Illinois Office of the Illinois Courts

The Probation and Probation Officer Act, at 730 ILCS 110/15(1), states: "The Supreme Court of Illinois may establish a Division of Probation Services whose purpose shall be the development, establishment, promulgation, and enforcement of uniform standards for probation services in this State, and to otherwise carry out the intent of this Act." Consistent with its statutory responsibility, the mission of the Probation Division is to improve the quality, effectiveness, and professionalism of probation services in Illinois. In carrying out this mission, the Division's monitoring, standard-setting, and technical assistance activities extend to all aspects of the administration and operation of Illinois probation and court services departments. These ongoing operational responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Administration of state reimbursement to counties for probation services. For FY 2001, state funding amounts to $71.5 million for reimbursement of 3,167 probation, detention, and pretrial positions in the 22 circuit courts. State reimbursement accounts for one-third of the total cost of probation in Illinois.
  • Review and approval of annual probation plans. As required by statute, the annual plan is the local probation department's application for state funding, its certification of services, and its vehicle for establishing priorities and goals for the coming year.
  • Collection and analysis of statewide probation data for resource management, and for policy and program development, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Administration of probation hiring and promotion policies, and the application/eligibles list procedures.
  • Administration of probation compensation standards and performance evaluation system.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of probation programs and operations to ensure compliance with state standards and guidelines. Among the programs and operations routinely monitored are:
    • Adult Investigation and Supervision System
    • Intensive Probation Supervision Program
    • Specialized DUI Program
    • Pretrial Services Programs
    • Administrative Sanctions Programs
    • Electronic Monitoring and Drug Testing Programs
    • Operational Standards for Illinois Probation
    • Juvenile Assessment and Supervision System
    • Juvenile Detention Screening Criteria
    • Juvenile Intake Screening Programs
    • Probation Supervision Fees
    • Public Service and Restitution Programs.
    • Specialized Sex Offender Supervision Program
    • Specialized Drug Offender Supervision Program
    • Specialized Domestic Violence Supervision Program
    • Administration of the Illinois Interstate Compact for adult and juvenile probationers transferring into or out of the state.
    • Design, development, and delivery of basic, advanced and specialized professional training for Illinois probation personnel.
    • Interagency and intergovernmental communication and coordination for purposes of information sharing and resource development on behalf of Illinois probation departments.
    • Provision of technical assistance and staff support to circuit courts to improve the administration and operation of probation services in Illinois.
  • Within Illinois' 22 judicial circuits there are 70 single- or multi-county probation departments supervising over 100,000 offenders serving sentences of probation in the community. To carry out their public safety responsibilities to the courts and communities they serve, the mission of each probation department is to:

    • Provide complete and accurate pre-sentencing information to the court to facilitate judicial decision-making.
    • Provide differential, community-based supervision and intervention to offenders based upon their risk of re-offending and their need for services.
    • Reduce recidivism among offenders sentence to probation.
    • Identify and develop new programs which qualitatively and cost effectively enhance community supervision strategies.
    • Provide for the care, safety and security of juvenile offenders confined to detention facilities pending court action.
    • Ensure accountability to the victim and the community through restitution and public services programs.


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