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Plead and Pay Traffic/Conservation Tickets (e-Guilty)

Standards for Accepting Electronic Pleas of Guilty in the Illinois Courts Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 529 (Standards) were originally adopted by the Supreme Court on December 20, 2006 (Order M.R. 18368) The Standards were established to maintain the orderly development of practices and procedures associated with the statewide implementation of electronically accepting voluntary guilty pleas from offenders in traffic and conservation offenses which do not require a court appearance.

Updates to the Standards were released effective July 1, 2019 (Order M.R. 18368) and now encompass pleas of guilty under Supreme Court Rules 529, 530 & 531 which guide courts in the acceptance and retention of electronic pleas of guilty made to the circuit clerk.

The Chief Circuit Judge and Clerk of the Circuit Court in a county may implement an Electronic Plea of Guilty program (e-Guilty Program) upon notification to the Administrative Director of the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts. The notification shall include an affirmation that the county's e-Guilty Program is consistent with the standards and identify the anticipated date such system shall go into effect. Quarterly statistical information is required pursuant to the provisions contained Manual on Recordkeeping.

Standards for Accepting Electronic Pleas of Guilty