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Illinois Circuit Court Statistical Reports | State of Illinois Office of the Illinois Courts

  2023 Cook County data is not yet available. The information will be updated once the data is processed and validated.

2023 3rd Quarter

2023 2nd Quarter

2023 1st Quarter

2022 4th Quarter

2022 3rd Quarter

2022 2nd Quarter

2022 1st Quarter

2021 4th Quarter

2021 3rd Quarter

2021 2nd Quarter

2021 1st Quarter

2020 4th Quarter

2020 3rd Quarter

2020 2nd Quarter

2020 1st Quarter

2019 4th Quarter

2019 3rd Quarter

2019 2nd Quarter

2019 1st Quarter

2018 3rd Quarter

2018 2nd Quarter

2018 1st Quarter

 All statistical information is subject to review and revision.  Final comprehensive statistical reports will be published in the Annual Report of the Illinois Courts