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Judicial College Division | State of Illinois Office of the Illinois Courts

(312) 793-3250 (Chicago Office)

Cyrana Mott, Director
Supreme Court of Illinois Judicial College
AOIC Judicial College Division

The Judicial College Division of the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts (AOIC) was established as an official AOIC Division May 1, 2019 to facilitate the operations of the Supreme Court of Illinois Judicial College Board of Trustees and the six Judicial College Standing Committees and its Workgroups. January 2023, the AOIC Judicial Education Division College Division merged with the Judicial College Division comprised of four Units – Learning and Development, eLearning and Technology, Professional Development, and Operations & Event Management, each led by an Associate Deputy Director. The Judicial College Division in its support and guidance of the Judicial College will pledge to facilitate the adoption of Judicial College Core Principles which are aligned with the Illinois Judicial Branch Core Values (F.A.I.R.) – Fairness, Accountability, Integrity, and Respect.

Learning & Development Unit

The Learning and Development Unit is responsible for the oversight and implementation of Standing Committee Comprehensive Education Plans, competency-based curriculum and course design and delivery. Curricula and courses are developed by Judicial College Standing Committees and their Workgroups, often in collaboration with approved non-Judicial College entities and providers.

Learning and Development Managers liaison to Standing Committees and provide direct meeting and planning support to Committees, Committee Workgroups, and course faculty in collaboration with colleagues in other AOIC Divisions who serve as Staff Advisors or ex-officio Committee members. Learning & Development Managers also ensure Committee compliance with Bylaws and facilitate the development of annual meeting calendars, annual education calendars, consideration of core principles, and aid faculty with the preparation and delivery of courses and education events.

Beyond the Illinois Judicial College, Learning & Development Managers serve in planning and support roles to select non-Judicial College Supreme Court entities – the Appellate Court Administrative Committee, Supreme Court Committee on Equality, Special Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Justice and Mental Health Planning, the Judicial Mentor Committee, Supreme Court Committee on Juvenile Courts, Access to Justice Commission, Elder Law Commission, the Mental Health Task Force, and the Pretrial Implementation Task Force.

The Learning and Development Unit collaborates with the Supreme Court Judicial Mentor Committee in the administration of the New Judge Mentoring program, and facilitates the publication of the annual Illinois Judicial Benchbook series together with the Judicial College Committee on Judicial Education Benchbook Editorial Board.

eLearning & Technology Unit

The eLearning and Technology Unit manages the Judicial College Learning Management System (LMS), an eLearning platform hosting live webinars and on-demand courses. This Unit will also provide technical assistance to the Judicial College Division, Judicial College Committees, their Workgroups and faculty, including eLearning instructional feedback and guidance, use of eLearning tools and software applications to enhance learning and engagement, aid set-up of eLearning events and courses, manage Judicial College website enhancements and updates in coordination with the JMIS Division, promote best practices for the use of technology and serve as the lead Unit for technology vendor procurement and services.

Professional Development Unit

The Professional Development Unit is responsible for the development of curricula designed to: a) onboard new Judicial College Standing Committee leadership and members; b) enhance the role of Judicial College Standing Committee members, Workgroup members and staff serving as curriculum and course designers, planners, course supervisors and peer evaluators; c) teach faculty best practices in adult learning and engagement, and c) provide ongoing staff development. Professional development will enhance staff, Standing Committee and Workgroup member application of the fundamentals of curriculum and course design, aid faculty delivery and learner outcome, and adherence to protocols and practices that govern the Judicial College.

Operations & Event Management Unit

The Operations & Event Management Unit manages human resources and payroll matters for the entire Judicial College Division, oversees the Judicial College budget, and manages all education meetings and event planning, logistics and financials for sites, educational resources, and faculty, including event related vendor Request for Proposals, Purchase Requisitions, Agreements, Invoices, Invoice Vouchers, and Travel Vouchers.

Supreme Court of Illinois Judicial College

Visit the Judicial College webpage and review the Judicial College Bylaws, Standing Committee Comprehensive Education Plans, Standing Committee Rosters, and watch an informative short format video introducing the Illinois Judicial College