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September 2017 | State of Illinois Office of the Illinois Courts

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Supreme Court Docket — September Term 2017

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Briefs for Cases Set for Oral Argument During September 2017 Term

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Case No. 120133

In re Benny M., etc. (People State of Illinois, appellant, v. Benny M., appellee)

Date Filed Description
08/17/16 Appellant's Brief
06/08/17 Appellee's Brief
08/21/17 Reply Brief

Case No. 120997

People State of Illinois, appellee, v. Salimah Cole (Amy P. Campanelli, etc., contemnor-appellant)

Date Filed Description
01/31/17 Appellant's Brief
02/14/17 Amicus Brief
02/21/17 Amici Brief
02/21/17 Amicus Brief
07/12/17 Appellee's Brief
08/09/07 Reply Brief

Case No. 121094

People State of Illinois, appellant, v. Walter Relerford, appellee

Date Filed Description
12/27/16 Appellant's Brief
03/14/07 Appellee's Brief
03/21/17 Amici Brief
03/28/17 Amicus Brief
06/28/17 Reply Brief
07/12/17 Cross-Reply Brief

Case No. 121306, 121345 cons.

People State of Illinois, appellee, v. Kevin Hunter, appellant

Date Filed Description
03/06/17 Appellant's Brief
06/19/17 Appellee's Brief
08/03/17 Reply Brief

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Case No. 121413

People State of Illinois, appellant, v. Michael Brooks, appellee

Date Filed Description
03/02/17 Appellant's Brief
05/12/17 Appellee's Brief
06/27/17 Reply Brief

Case No. 121417

People State of Illinois, appellant, v. Julio Chairez, appellee

Date Filed Description
03/17/17 Appellant's Brief
05/24/17 Appellee's Brief
08/18/17 Reply Brief

Case No. 121453

People State of Illinois, Appellee, v. Antoine Hardman, Appellant

Date Filed Description
2/28/18 Appellant's Brief
6/12/18 Appellee's Brief
8/6/18 Reply Brief

Case No. 121681

People State of Illinois, Appellee, v. Anthony S. Brown, Appellant

Date Filed Description
05/03/17 Appellant's Brief
07/11/17 Appellee's Brief
07/19/17 Reply Brief

September 14, 2017

Case No. 121755

People State of Illinois, appellee, v. Jared M. Staake, appellant

Date Filed Description
05/02/17 Appellant's Brief
08/16/17 Appellee's Brief
09/05/17 Reply Brief

Case No. 121367

Christina Yarbrough et al., etc., appellees, v. Northwestern Memorial Hospital, appellant

Date Filed Description
12/22/17 Appellant's Brief
3/27/18 Amicus Brief
4/10/18 Amici Brief
4/10/18 Appellee's Brief
4/10/18 Amicus Brief
4/10/18 Reply Brief

September 19, 2017

Case No. 121536

Kathy Corbett, Appellee, v. The County of Lake et al. (The City of Highland Park, Appellant)

Date Filed Description
03/01/17 Appellant's Brief
03/13/17 Amicus Brief
04/26/17 Appellee's Brief
05/10/17 Reply Brief

Case No. 121634

Citibank, N.A., Appellee, v. The Illinois Department of Revenue et al., etc., Appellants

Date Filed Description
1/12/18 Appellant's Brief
1/12/18 Appellee's Brief
1/12/18 Reply Brief

Case Nos. 121668

Ramsey Herndon LLC et al., appellees, v. Lisa Whiteside, etc., appellant

Date Filed Description
05/02/17 Appellant's Brief
06/07/17 Appellee's Brief
06/21/17 Reply Brief

September 20, 2017

Case No. 121800

Isaac Cohen, Appellee, v. Chicago Park District, Appellant

Date Filed Description
5/25/18 Appellant's Brief
6/1/18 Appellee's Brief
7/30/18 Amicus Brief
8/7/18 Reply Brief

Case No. 122046

In re Marriage of Christine Goesel, appellant, and Andrew Goesel (Laura A. Holwell, contemnor-appellee)

Date Filed Description
07/18/17 Appellant's Brief
08/22/17 Appellee's Brief
08/30/17 Amici Brief
09/05/17 Reply Brief

Case No. 120745

Sheri Lawler, Ex'r, etc., appellee, v. The University of Chicago Medical Center, etc., et al., appellants

Date Filed Description
5/15/18 Appellant's Brief
7/30/18 Amici Brief
9/6/18 Amicus Brief
9/6/18 Appellee's Brief
9/6/18 Reply Brief