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November 2017 | State of Illinois Office of the Illinois Courts

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Supreme Court Docket — November Term 2017

All Documents are available in pdf format.

Briefs for Cases Set for Oral Argument During November 2017 Term

 November 14, 2017

Case No. 121371

People State of Illinois, Appellant, v. Robert Carey, Appellee

Date Filed Description
03/07/17 Appellant's Brief
07/26/17 Appellee's Brief
08/30/17 Reply Brief
08/30/17 Cross-Reply Brief

Case No. 121926

People State of Illinois, Appellee, v. Leshawn Coats, Appellant

Date Filed Description
07/26/17 Appellant's Brief
08/30/17 Appellee's Brief
09/27/17 Reply Brief

Case No. 121939

In re N.G., etc., a Minor (People State of Illinois, et al. Appellants, v. Floyd F. et al., Appellees)

Date Filed Description
08/14/17 Appellant's Brief
09/18/17 Appellee's Brief
10/02/17 Reply Brief

November 15, 2017

Case No. 121636

People ex rel. Matthew Hartrich, etc., Appellant, v. 2010 Harley-Davidson (Petra Henderson, Appellee)

Date Filed Description
04/19/17 Appellant's Brief
08/22/17 Appellee's Brief
09/26/17 Reply Brief

Case No. 121943

Angela Antonicelli, Appellee, v. Daniel Juan Rodriguez, Appellee (Artemio Ramos et al.) Karl Browder et al., etc., Appellants

Date Filed Description
06/28/17 Appellant's Brief
08/01/17 Appellee's Brief
09/08/17 Reply Brief

Case No. 121995

The Bank of New York Mellon, etc., Appellee, v. Mark E. Laskowski, etc., et al. (Pacific Realty Group, LLC, Appellant)

Date Filed Description
07/12/17 Appellant's Brief
09/14/17 Appellee's Brief
09/29/17 Reply Brief