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Illinois Supreme Court Press Releases 

Date Description Additional Content
05/25/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Appoints Marlow Jones as Resident Circuit Judge in Twenty-First Judicial Circuit
05/24/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Appoints Clayton Lindsey as At-Large Judge in Fifteenth Judicial Circuit
05/16/2022 Access to Justice Commission to Accept Proposals for Two Grant Initiatives
05/13/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Assigns Justice Zenoff to Fourth District Appellate Court
05/10/2022 Justice Rita B. Garman Announces Retirement from Illinois Supreme Court; Justice Lisa Holder White to Fill Vacancy
05/10/2022 Justice Lytton Retires from Third District Appellate Court; Judge Hettel Appointed to Fill Vacancy
05/09/2022 Illinois Supreme Court to Swear-In New Attorneys at Virtual Bar Admission Ceremony
05/09/2022 Justice Rita Garman Announces Retirement
05/02/2022 First District Appellate Court Adopts Amended Rules
04/25/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Appoints Robin Schmidt as Circuit Judge in Seventh Judicial Circuit
04/21/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Appoints Mark Isaf as Resident Judge in Fifth Judicial Circuit
04/13/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Announces New Appointments to e-Business Policy Board
04/12/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Announces Creation of Commission on Elder Law
03/25/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Announces Time Standards for Case Closure in Trial Courts
03/22/2022 Erika Harold Appointed as Executive Director of Commission on Professionalism
03/18/2022 Statement from Chief Justice Anne M. Burke on the 59th Anniversary of Gideon v. Wainwright
03/17/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Creates Remote Proceedings Task Force
02/22/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Amends Order on Courthouse Mask Policy Effective Feb. 28
02/15/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Appoints Chad Miller as Resident Judge in Jasper County
02/14/2022 Administrative Director Declares Illinois Associate Judge Appointed in the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit
02/14/2022 Justice P. Scott Neville, Jr. Reminds Lawyers About the Process He Will Use to Recommend Judges for Appointment to the Circuit Court of Cook County and the Illinois Appellate Court – First District
01/24/2022 Administrative Director Declares Illinois Associate Judge Appointed in the Twenty-Third Judicial Circuit
01/19/2022 Supreme Court Mental Health Task Force Leading Change
01/12/2022 Administrative Director Declares Illinois Associate Judge Appointed in the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit
01/06/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Announces New Policy on Portable Electronic Devices

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