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Illinois Supreme Court Press Releases 

Date Description Additional Content
06/24/2022 Supreme Court of Illinois Committee on Equality Announces Creation of Subcommittees to Further Promote Equality and Trust in the Court System
06/22/2022 MEDIA ADVISORY: Pretrial Implementation Task Force to Host Town Hall Meeting
06/07/2022 Pretrial Implementation Task Force to Host Regular Town Hall Meetings
06/06/2022 Administrative Director Declares Illinois Associate Judge Appointed in the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit
05/26/2022 Remote Proceedings Task Force Seeks Public Feedback With Surveys
05/26/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Appoints Martin and Caffarini as Resident Judges in Thirteenth Judicial Circuit
05/25/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Appoints Marlow Jones as Resident Circuit Judge in Twenty-First Judicial Circuit
05/24/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Appoints Clayton Lindsey as At-Large Judge in Fifteenth Judicial Circuit
05/16/2022 Access to Justice Commission to Accept Proposals for Two Grant Initiatives
05/13/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Assigns Justice Zenoff to Fourth District Appellate Court
05/10/2022 Justice Rita B. Garman Announces Retirement from Illinois Supreme Court; Justice Lisa Holder White to Fill Vacancy
05/10/2022 Justice Lytton Retires from Third District Appellate Court; Judge Hettel Appointed to Fill Vacancy
05/09/2022 Illinois Supreme Court to Swear-In New Attorneys at Virtual Bar Admission Ceremony
05/09/2022 Justice Rita Garman Announces Retirement
05/02/2022 First District Appellate Court Adopts Amended Rules
04/25/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Appoints Robin Schmidt as Circuit Judge in Seventh Judicial Circuit
04/21/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Appoints Mark Isaf as Resident Judge in Fifth Judicial Circuit
04/13/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Announces New Appointments to e-Business Policy Board
04/12/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Announces Creation of Commission on Elder Law
03/25/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Announces Time Standards for Case Closure in Trial Courts
03/22/2022 Erika Harold Appointed as Executive Director of Commission on Professionalism
03/18/2022 Statement from Chief Justice Anne M. Burke on the 59th Anniversary of Gideon v. Wainwright
03/17/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Creates Remote Proceedings Task Force
02/22/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Amends Order on Courthouse Mask Policy Effective Feb. 28
02/15/2022 Illinois Supreme Court Appoints Chad Miller as Resident Judge in Jasper County

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