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Supreme Court Rules Committee Hosts Public Hearing


The Illinois Supreme Court Rules Committee heard comments on four proposals at a hearing on July 21 in Chicago. The event was open to the public to attend in-person and livestreamed online. Video from the public hearing is available on the Supreme Court website.

The Supreme Court Rules Committee also invited written comments on the proposals. All written comments are available on the Supreme Court website by clicking here.

The following are the proposals which the Rules Committee sought comment on:

Proposal 20-01, which would amend Supreme Court Rule 13 and its Committee Comments to make withdrawal by a limited scope attorney from a court matter automatic upon termination of the limited scope representation and the filing of a notice of withdrawal.

Proposal 20-03, which would amend Rule 13 to a) streamline the process for withdrawal from a limited scope appearance, b) require the use of standardized forms for entering and withdrawing from a limited scope appearance, and c) clarify the procedures by which a limited scope client can object to an attorney’s completion of the limited scope appearance. The proposal would also amend Rule 793 to include access to justice and limited scope representation as suggested topics for inclusion in the basic skills course and amend Rule 794 to include access to justice and limited scope representation as topics eligible for professional responsibility credit.

Proposal 20-09, which would amend 315(b)(1) to clarify the thirty-five-day deadline for filing a Petition for Leave to Appeal (PLA) after a modified decision upon denial of rehearing is calculated from the date on which a modified decision was issued. The proposal would also amend Rule 321 and propose new Rules 322 and 455 to create procedures for ensuring that hearing and trial exhibits become part of the record on appeal. The proposal also amends Rule 341 to create a new procedure for citing supplemental authorities by letter.

Proposal 21-01, which would amend various Supreme Court Rules to further facilitate and specifically authorize the use of remote appearances in civil proceedings.

Justice Rita B. Garman serves as Supreme Court liaison to the Rules Committee and James A. Hansen of Schmiedeskamp Robertson Neu & Mitchell, LLP, is chair of the committee.