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New Access To Justice Website Launched


New Access To Justice Website Launched

November 24, 2020

The Access To Justice Commission is pleased to announce the launch of both its website and its new brand. This is a first step towards a targeted effort to ensure our resources reach those who most need them, particularly court users and court stakeholders. Designed with the needs of these two separate groups in mind, each will find tailored resources available to them in several places throughout the website.

Please add to any resource geared towards self-represented litigants. Feel free to share, repost, and be in touch with any questions. We are always looking to improve and would love to hear your feedback. At the present moment, many links on the site will bring you back to content on the Illinois Courts website but expect more changes and modifications as our roll-out continues.

Check out the new website and keep your eyes peeled for materials with our logo!