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August 2017 Justice Corner


Dear Justice Corner: Where do I turn to get tips or advice for dealing with self-represented litigants in my courtroom?
-Judge Wheretoturn


Dear Judge Wheretoturn: You've come to the right place! The Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice Court Guidance and Training Committee will be fielding questions and sharing tips on self-represented litigant issues in the Justice Corner column of this newsletter. The Committee is chaired by Chief Judge Michael J. Sullivan in McHenry County and is made up of fellow judges and practitioners dedicated to assisting the judiciary with all things related to access to justice: Presiding Judge Clarence M. Darrow, Rock Island County; Presiding Judge Sharon M. Sullivan, Cook County; Chief Judge Kevin P. Fitzgerald, McLean County; Judge William G. Schwartz, Jackson County; David Holtermann, Lawyers' Trust Fund, Chicago; Joseph Dailing, Legal Aid Consultant, Rockford.

Please email your questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, or stories to