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Illinois Judicial College committees to seek input


December 27, 2017

The Illinois Judicial College held its kickoff meeting in October. This was the first time each of the six committees (Judicial Education, Trial Court Administrator Education, Guardian ad litem Education, Probation Education, Circuit Court Clerk Education, Judicial Branch Staff Education) had a chance to meet in-person.

The first item each committee is tasked with is to perform a needs assessment for its constituent groups. This will entail reaching out to stakeholders, including judges. A consultant has been hired to help consolidate the committees' efforts to avoid survey fatigue of stakeholders.

The Court is mindful of the time constraints on court stakeholders, but feels it is important to hear from everyone on these initiatives. The Court highly values this input and needs to hear from all areas of our large, diverse state. Please take the time to thoughtfully participate in the surveys or focus groups if called upon.