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Notice of vacancy for Resident Circuit Judge in Woodford County – Eleventh Judicial Circuit


Justice Lisa Holder White of the Supreme Court of Illinois has begun an application process for a Resident Circuit Judge vacancy in Woodford County in the Eleventh Judicial Circuit.

The vacancy will result from the retirement of Judge Charles M. Feeney III, effective July 31, 2024.

Under the Illinois Constitution, judicial vacancies are filled by Supreme Court appointment. The application process will lead to final Court approval.

Notice of the vacancy has been posted in the courthouses throughout the Circuit. The application form and instructions may be obtained by visiting the Illinois Supreme Court’s website at: and following the instructions in the Latest News scroller announcing the Resident Circuit Judge – Woodford County vacancy.

Deadline for submission of an application is July 8, 2024.

The applicants will undergo an evaluation and screening process. The person selected to fill the vacancy will serve until the first Monday in December following the November 2026 general election.

To be eligible for consideration for appointment, the applicant must be a lawyer licensed to practice law in Illinois.

Woodford County is part of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit which includes Ford, Livingston, Logan, McLean, and Woodford counties.