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St. Clair County receives $280,000 technology grant from Illinois Supreme Court


The St. Clair County Judiciary and Court System are pleased to announce the award of a Technology Modernization grant provided by the Illinois Supreme Court in the amount of $279,778.94. The purpose of the grant is to upgrade the technology and related support systems for the operations of the St. Clair County trial courtrooms.

As the person responsible for the technology systems in the courtrooms, Deputy Trial Court Administrator Maggie Smith states: "Receiving approval for the 2024 Court Technology Grant allows us to replace outdated technology with faster and more reliable devices. In addition to replacing old technology, new features can be added to the courtrooms to enhance jury trials."

Asked for her assessment Trial Court Administrator and Court Disability Coordinator Mary Berneking states: "In particular the grant provides new hearing devices to ensure that those with special needs can participate in Court activities. We are excited to receive this new updated equipment."

Chief Judge Andrew J. Gleeson states: "The Grant facilitates our abilities to function as a complex, high volume court system. The upgrades have allowed us much needed flexibility in meeting the public's needs. Once again the judicial staff of St. Clair County have been instrumental in preparing and executing this grant. We are fortunate to benefit from their efforts."