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Beyond the Bench with Judge Christen L. Bishop


Beyond the Bench is a monthly feature to get to know more about judges and justices in the Illinois Courts, beyond their legal duties.

Name: Christen L. Bishop

: Circuit Judge

Circuit or Judicial District
: 19th Judicial Circuit, Lake County

What are you looking forward to in 2024?

It is a big year for our family with milestone birthdays, a high school graduation, a new driver in the household and plans to travel abroad. It is also an exciting time at the courthouse with re-certification of our three specialty courts scheduled for spring.

What was your first job? Could anything that you learned from that job be applied to your current position?

I began babysitting at age 12. My babysitting career lasted 10 years, including school breaks and summer vacation. All that caretaking, including being the oldest of three and watching my younger siblings, taught me patience. And you need quite a bit of patience to be a judge – to listen, to understand and to allow the process to unfold.

What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?

I absolutely love live music, so it is difficult to choose the best. I would have to say that seeing Prince on the Purple Rain tour in 1985 was amazing! Most recently, I went to the Taylor Swift concert at Soldier Field with my family, my mom, my sister and my nieces, and it was INCREDIBLE!!!

What is your favorite season? Why?

The best season is Fall in Illinois. Back to school, football, watching my boys play soccer, and warm days/cool nights are some of my favorite things!