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Illinois Supreme Court amends rules to expediate pretrial appeals


The Illinois Supreme Court announced amendments to Supreme Court Rule 315 as well as clarifying language amendments to Rules 46 and 604, 605, and 606. The changes are intended to expediate pretrial appeals before the Court.

The amendment to Rule 315 adds a section (k) entitled “Pretrial release cases” and establishes the timeframes by which both appellant and appellee must file briefs on petitions for leave to appeal arising from pretrial release matters. This amendment requires a special caption on top of the front page of a petition for leave to appeal in a pretrial release case which states in bold type that “THIS APPEAL INVOLVES A MATTER SUBJECT TO EXPEDITED DISPOSITION UNDER RULE 604(h).”

The clarifying amendments to Rule 46, 604, 605, and 606 replace references to the “Pretrial Fairness Act” with “Public Act 101-652” or “(article 110 of the) the Code of Criminal Procedure of 1963 (725 ILCS 5/110-1 et seq.)”.

The amended rules are effective immediately. The Illinois Supreme Court Rules can be found here.