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Illinois courts help secure Foundation for Rural Services-Community Service Grants


The Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts (AOIC) announced that two Illinois Probation Departments/County Court Services Departments were each awarded a $5,000 grant from the Foundation for Rural Services-Community Service Grants Program. The Foundation for Rural Services (FRS) is a nonprofit organization that works with the NTCA Rural Broadband Association to sustain and enhance the quality of life in rural America.

The Community Service Grant provides funds to rural areas for several different initiatives, including telecommunications applications. The local NTCA member contributes 10% of the grant funding while the FRS contributes the other 90% of funds. The Grants Unit in the Probation Services Division at AOIC was able to assist the field in securing these grants.

“We are thrilled and honored to be able to assist local Probation and Court Services Departments in rural Illinois. With these funds, probation officers will be better equipped to serve clients and improve probation outcomes in their counties,” AOIC Grants Manager Lynn Moore said. The Foundation notes that this year was especially competitive with over 200 applications submitted and only 23 grant awardees.

Effingham County Probation Department’s ‘Discovery to Recovery Outpatient Substance Abuse Program’ was awarded $5,000 to, “provide new equipment to program participants, expand digital inclusion programming, and enhance probation and treatment compliance by expanding telehealth alternatives.” A smart board will be purchased for the Discovery to Recovery classroom. In addition, smart phones and data services will be purchased for participants.

Woodford County Court Services was awarded $5,000 to “bring broadband internet access to underserved probation clients and improve technology for probation officers who facilitate evidenced-based programs for their clients.” A computer lab for clients will be established in order for clients to access treatment, perform employment searches, and fulfill education or probation requirements. A smart board will be purchased for Woodford County Probation Officers to conduct evidenced-based programs for clients.

Wabash Communications CO-OP, located in Louisville, Illinois, submitted the application on behalf of Effingham County. MTCO Communications located in Metamora, Illinois submitted the application on behalf of Woodford County. AOIC would like to thank the NTCA members for their dedication, commitment, and partnership.