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All 117 Illinois Problem-Solving Courts now certified by Supreme Court


The Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts (AOIC), which oversees Problem-Solving Courts (PSC) in Illinois, is pleased to announce that all Illinois PSC have received certification from the Illinois Supreme Court. In total, there are 117 PSC (Drug Courts, Mental Health Courts, Veterans Courts, DUI Courts and Hybrid Courts) who received certification. This certification demonstrates the high-quality services and programs offered by these courts.

Illinois Problem-Solving Courts are designed to provide an alternative to incarceration or traditional probation, for those with mental health and/or substance use issues and the veteran population. These courts utilize a collaborative approach to provide participants with necessary support and resources to address their issues. PSC are proven to reduce recidivism rates and improve public safety.

The certification process involved a rigorous evaluation of each court’s policies, procedures, and practices. AOIC conducted site visits, interviewed PSC team members, and thoroughly reviewed all paperwork utilized by each court. The evaluation criteria were based on the Supreme Court of Illinois PSC Standards, which were created using national best practice standards.

AOIC will continue to work with Illinois PSC to ensure they maintain the highest standards of care and services, through the recertification process, every three years. AOIC also looks to support and certify new and emerging courts as they expand throughout Illinois.