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Illinois Courts response to COVID-19

Supreme Court Rules | State of Illinois Office of the Illinois Courts

 To see a list of Rules whose operation is temporarily amended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, visit the Illinois Courts Response to COVID-19 page

Article Rule # Rule Title
IV Rule 401 Waiver of Counsel
IV Rule 402 Pleas of Guilty or Stipulations Sufficient to Convict
Amended April 26, 2012; effective July 1, 2012
IV Rule 402A  Admissions or Stipulations in Proceedings to Revoke Probation, Conditional Discharge or Supervisions
IV Rule 403 Pleas and Waivers by Persons Under 18
IV Rule 404 Application for Waiver of Court Assessments
Adopted Feb. 13, 2019, eff. July 1, 2019
IV Rules 405-410 Reserved
IV Rule 411 Applicability of Discovery Rules
IV Rule 412 Disclosure to Accused
IV Rule 413 Disclosure to Prosecution
IV Rule 414 Evidence of Depositions
IV Rule 415 Regulation of Discovery
Amended Oct. 23, 2020, eff. immediately
IV Rule 416 Reserved
IV Rule 417 DNA Evidence
IV Rules 418-429 Reserved
IV Rule 430 Trial of Incarcerated Defendant
IV Rule 431 Voir Dire Examination
IV Rule 432 Opening Statements
IV Rule 433 Impeachment of Witnesses; Hostile Witnesses
IV Rule 434 Jury Selection
Amended February 6, 2013, eff. immediately
IV Rule 435 Reserved
IV Rule 436 Separation and Sequestration of Jury in Criminal Cases; Admonition by Court
IV Rules 437-450 Reserved
IV Rule 451 Instructions
Amended April 8, 2013, eff. immediately
IV Rules 452 Preparation of Sentencing Orders
Adopted Feb. 26, 2019, eff. March 1, 2019
IV Rules 453-470 Reserved
IV Rule 471 Transcripts for Poor Persons Bringing Post-Conviction Proceedings
IV Rule 472 Correction of Certain Errors in Sentencing
Amended May 17, 2019, eff. immediately
IV Rules 473-500 Reserved