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Standardized Statewide Forms

Statewide Forms
Statewide Forms






Remote Appearances

Resources for working with Self-Represented Litigants

Plain Language

Unconscious Bias

Language Access

Disability Access

Forms Pertaining to the Supreme Court of Illinois Policy on Access for Persons with Disabilities:

Court Disability Coordinator Contact Form:

Assistance to Court Users

  • Illinois Supreme Court Policy on Assistance to Court Patrons By Circuit Clerks, Court Staff, Law Librarians and Court Volunteers ("Safe Harbor" Policy) in English - Latest update 1/2024
  • What is Legal Information? (A Guide to the Safe Harbor Policy) - Latest update 1/2024
  • Court Personnel Desk Card: What Information Can I Provide to Court Patrons? (A Desk Card Summarizing the Illinois Supreme Court Policy on Assistance to Court Patrons) - Latest update 1/2024
  • How Can Court Personnel Help You? (Public-Facing Sign About What Assistance Can and Cannot be Provided) in English - Latest update 1/2024
  • National Center for State Court videos on Legal Advice vs. Legal Information (English with English Subtitles or English with Spanish Subtitles)

Referrals/Sample Resources

Checklist/Prescription Pads

Other Access to Justice Material

Fee & Assessment Waivers