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eFileIL (Statewide e-filing) | State of Illinois Office of the Illinois Courts

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The Supreme Court's statewide e-filing initiative (eFileIL / Order) provides an around-the-clock uniform filing experience for Attorneys and Self-Represented Litigants (SRLs) to any Illinois court using technology to streamline the filing process, a selection of 17 electronic Filing Service Providers (EFSPs), a central registration and authentication service to use eFileIL, and electronic service options. In addition, the Supreme Court's amended Order directs the implementation of re:SearchIL, the Supreme Court's statewide document repository. The re:SearchIL application implements the Supreme Court's Remote Access Policy to provide parties and non-attorney parties access to a specific list of case types, eventually providing for remote public access to court documents at a later time. 

 To file through eFileIL:  review the EFSP Comparison Chart to select an EFSP or use eFileIL's basic EFSP portal. 

 To see a current list of each court's status on accepting filings through filings through eFileIL and acceptance of American Express or eChecks (or ACH transfer), please view the Active Courts page.

 To access the statewide central document repository: visit the re:SearchIL website.


Electronic Filing Service Providers (EFSPs)

Electronic Filing Service Providers (EFSPs) are welcome to participate as a partner in the eFileIL initiative. EFSPs are able to offer their solutions to Illinois filers, adding value and utility that enhance the e-Filing experience to all active courts. EFileIL consists of a single electronic filing manager service (EFM) which connects with all certified EFSPs and integrates with each court’s CMS. EFSP and CMS partners are required to be certified with their integration to the central EFM to ensure filings and documents are using the established standards and e-filing occurs in a uniform manner.

Below is a list of all EFSP partners (active links) that are certified to file through eFileIL. The comparison chart offers a brief summary of the features, costs, and contact information for each EFSP.


Free eFiling if the Circuit Clerk is subscribed to

EFSPs with a Free Trial Period


EFSPs with Additional Services and Related Costs


e-Filing Configuration Standards & Procedures

In an effort to create uniformity and a consistent e-filing experience across the state, a set of configuration standards have been developed. The standards include a common set of case types, filing codes and options. These configuration standards will evolve over time to provide a simplistic filing experience to filing community members.