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Online Requests for Certificates of Admission/Good Standing | State of Illinois Office of the Illinois Courts

Online Requests for Certificates of Admission/Good Standing

Online requests for certificates of admission/good standing may be made here:

 Choose the “Make a One Time Payment” option when making an online request. Certificates will be mailed via regular mail to the address you provide when making your online request.

If you would like expedited service, after submitting your online request for a certificate of admission, please send an email to:

 Include the customer name and confirmation number identified on your payment receipt (which was emailed to you upon submitting your online request) and attach an electronic FedEx or UPS airbill as a PDF. To avoid billing issues, please address the airbill from yourself to the entity or individual where the certificate should be sent. The Clerk's office will send the certificate of admission/good standing upon receipt of your airbill.

 Do not send emails to the above email address containing general questions or to check on the status of your request. Please contact the Office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court of Illinois at (217)782-2035 if you have any questions or need to check the status of a prior request.