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Court Forms Hub | State of Illinois Office of the Illinois Courts

The Court Forms Hub offers a variety of Court forms shown below.


Supreme Court Rule Forms

Article I - General Rules

Article II - Rules on Civil Proceedings in the Trial Court

Article III - Civil Appeals Rules

Article IV - Rules on Criminal Proceedings in the Trial Court

Article VI - Appeals in Criminal Cases, Post-Conviction Cases, & Juvenile Court Proceedings

Article VII - Rules on Admission & Discipline of Attorneys


Standardized Court Forms

On June 13, 2012, the Illinois Supreme Court created  Article X of the Illinois Supreme Court Rules and adopted Rule 10-100, which established the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice. The Commission's purpose is to promote, facilitate, and enhance equal access to justice with an emphasis on access to the Illinois Civil Courts and administrative agencies for all people, particularly the poor and vulnerable. On November 28, 2012, the Illinois Supreme Court adopted Supreme Court Rule 10-101, Standardized Forms, and entered an Administrative Order to set out a formal process for the development, review and approval of standardized forms for use in the Illinois courts by the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice.

Standardized Forms for the Circuit Court


Firearms Restraining Order Forms

The Firearms Restraining Order Act directs the court to provide forms and clerical assistance through the office of the circuit clerk to help with the writing and filing of petitions to any person, not represented by counsel, under the Act. In addition, assistance may be provided by the State’s Attorney. The Supreme Court assigned the Conference of Chief Circuit Judges (Conference) the task of approving simplified forms. The original forms were released January 18, 2019, and are now updated due to Public Act 102-345, effective June 1, 2022.


Uniform Citation Forms

Supreme Court Rule 552 directs Uniform Citation and Complaint forms and conservation complaint forms be approved by the Conference of Chief Circuit Judges (Conference). The Conference has placed seven citation forms and corresponding printing instructions (4 paper forms and 3 electronic forms) on file with the Illinois Supreme Court Clerk as required under the rule.  A file-stamped copy of each form is available below.

All local law enforcement agencies (except Cook County) and state law enforcement agencies are required to satisfy the requirements of the most recent version of the printing instructions and uniform citation forms placed on file with the Supreme Court Clerk before use.


Administrative Forms

ADA Forms