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Additional Pretrial Resources | State of Illinois Office of the Illinois Courts

Additional Pretrial Resources

 NOTE: On July 18, 2023, the Illinois Supreme Court found the Pretrial Fairness Act components of the SAFE-T Act constitutional. This has an effective date of Sept. 18, 2023. The opinion can be found here

On Aug. 23, 2023 , the Illinois Supreme Court created the Committee on Pretrial Education to provide judges, pretrial officers and other judicial branch justice partners ongoing continuing education and educational opportunities. Please see press release for more information.

The Illinois Supreme Court Pretrial Implementation Task Force was created in 2020 to prioritize and implement the recommendations of the Supreme Court Commission on Pretrial Practices Final Report and help prepare the justice system for the changes coming once the Pretrial Fairness Act (PFA) takes effect in 2023. The PFA was passed as part of the Public Act 101-0652, signed into law by the Governor in February 2021. 

The Task Force is committed to preparing all justice system partners throughout Illinois to implement the requirements of the PFA by its January 1 effective date. To accomplish this, the Task Force, its subcommittees and other AOIC working groups are partnering with national, state and local experts including the Center for Effective Public Policy and Justice System Partners. The Task Force has created six subcommittees: Communications, Education and Training, Legislation, Pretrial Assessment Tools, PFA Guidelines and PFA Pilot Sites. The subcommittees are made up of over 100 members from around the state and include judges, sheriffs, police chiefs, state’s attorneys, public defenders, circuit clerks, pretrial officers, domestic violence advocates, victims’ rights advocates, community members with lived experience in the pretrial system, trial court administrators and researchers.

As part of preparing for implementation of new pretrial release processes and ensuring each county is equipped to provide pretrial services, the Illinois Supreme Court has also established an Office of Statewide Pretrial Services. Information on the Office of Statewide Pretrial Services is available here.

PFA Lessons Learned

PFA Implementation Toolkit

Draft Flowcharts and Considerations

Note: These documents have been updated due to reflect the latest PFA amendments as of December 15, 2022,

Sample Orders

These sample orders are not an official resource but are being provided so counties can customize them for local operations.

Note: These documents have been updated to reflect the latest PFA amendments as of December 15, 2022,

Press Releases


Town Hall Meetings

The Task Force began hosting a series of monthly town hall meetings on June 23. These meetings will provide an update on the work of the Task Force as it prepares for the changes coming once the Pretrial Fairness Act and answer questions regarding the PFA.

Future town hall meetings are typically scheduled for the third Thursday of the month at noon. Upcoming topics include: citations/release from custody, pre-first appearance/first appearance, conditions of release, detention of hearings and modifying conditions of release.

 Any questions regarding the town halls and the work of the Task Force can be sent to

Title Date & Time PowerPoint Recorded Town Hall Event Overview
Introductory Town Hall June 23, 4 p.m. This first town hall provided an introduction to the Task Force, the six subcommittees and their work to prepare the state for implementation of the PFA.
Town Hall No. 2 July 21, noon This town hall covered the topics of Release by Citation and Release from Custody.
Town Hall No. 3 August 18, noon This town hall covered the topics of Pre-first Appearance Activities pursuant to the Pretrial Fairness Act (PFA).
Town Hall No. 4 September 16, noon   
1    2
This town hall covered Evidence-based Pretrial Assessments. 
Town Hall No. 5 September 29, noon This town hall covered Practical Guidance for PFA Implementation. 
Town Hall No. 6 October 27, 12:00 p.m. & 4:00 p.m.   
1    2
12pm    4pm
This town hall covered the detention process.  
Town Hall No. 7 Nov. 17, noon This town hall topic is Revocation/Modification of Pretrial Release. 
Town Hall No. 8 Dec. 16, noon This town hall covered the recent changes to the SAFE-T Act passed by the Legislature.


Regional Education Seminars

The Task Force will host regional education seminars across Illinois to overview pretrial justice and the implementation of the Pretrial Fairness Act (PFA), which is scheduled to go into effect on January 1, 2023. The education seminars are scheduled to go from 8:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. The confirmed seminar dates and locations are:

Date Register Location   Flyer
November 9   Spoon River Community College in Macomb  Digital / Print
November 15   Northern Illinois University in DeKalb Digital / Print
November 21   Malcolm X College in Chicago Digital / Print
December 1   University of Illinois at Springfield
December 13   John A. Logan Community College in Carterville
December 14   I Hotel and Conference Center, Champaign


Task Force Members

Charge: Provide guidance and recommendations regarding pre-trial reform in the Illinois criminal justice system.

Chairperson: Hon. Robbin J. Stuckert
Supreme Court Liaison: Hon. P. Scott Neville, Jr.

Carol Ammons - Representative John Booker - Sheriff John Curran - Senator
Mitchell Davis - Chief of Police Garien Gatewood - Director, Illinois Justice Project Keith Grant - Chief of Special Defense, Office of the Lake County Public Defender
Justin Hood - State's Attorney, Hamilton County Nathalina Hudson - Chief of Staff, Office Illinois Attorney General Clint Hull - Chief Judge, 16th Circuit
Rebecca Janowitz - Cook County Justice Advisory Council Sharone Mitchell - Cook County Public Defender P. Scott Neville - Justice, Illinois Supreme Court
David Olson - Professor, Criminal Justice and Criminology Elgie Sims - Senator Cara Smith - Director, Office of Statewide Pretrial Services
Robbin Stuckert - Chair, Illinois Supreme Court Pretrial Practices Implementation Task Force Carol Thompson - Partner, Chapman and Cutler LLP Dan Ugaste - Representative
Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts
Dan Hunt - Assistant Director, Probation Services Joanne Olson - Chief of Staff, Office of Statewide Pretrial Services Sharjeel Rizvi - Pretrial Services Administrator
Jason Slone - Field Services Coordinator Wendy Venvertloh - Deputy Director of Performance Management, OSPS


Subcommittee Information

PFA Guidelines

Subcommittee Purpose

The purpose of the PFA Guidelines Subcommittee is to develop a model process, guidelines, and related resources for counties to use to implement the Pretrial Fairness Act.

Subcommittee Activities

To accomplish its purpose, this subcommittee will conduct the following activities:

  1. Prepare a model system map that illustrates how the system “should” work based on the PFA and taking into consideration the Commission’s report.
  2. Prepare guidelines that explain how pretrial decision making should occur under the PFA (e.g., what are the components of a pretrial detention hearing, under the PFA).
  3. Identify where new court rules or forms are needed to provide guidance to the counties.
  4. Develop documents that are designed to advise counties on the steps they can take to implement the PFA.
  5. Identify the most challenging parts of the PFA and develop guidance for counties to consider when starting to implement the PFA.
  6. Liaise with the PFA Pilot Sites Subcommittee and hear what challenges are facing the pilot sites; revise any documents or guidance accordingly.
  7. Liaise with the Education Subcommittee to ensure that any training materials align with the guidance prepared by this subcommittee.

PFA Pilot Sites

Subcommittee Purpose

The purpose of the Pilot Sites Subcommittee is to identify and provide technical assistance to two (2) to three (3) sites to support their implementation of the PFA, and to share their tools, templates and experience with other jurisdictions so that all Illinois counties are prepared to fully implement the provisions of the PFA in advance of the 1/1/23 effective date.

Subcommittee Activities

To accomplish its purpose, this subcommittee will conduct the following activities:

  1. Identify pilot sites via engagement with cross-disciplinary local stakeholders and community members
  2. Work with the sites to develop and implement plans that incorporate the input of cross-disciplinary local stakeholders and community members and have clearly defined goals and objectives
  3. Serve in a supportive advisory role to the sites as they conduct planning and implementation
  4. Develop baseline measures and support sites’ data collection efforts to determine the impact of the pilot project in partnership with the Guidelines subcommittee
  5. Create and implement a forum to support statewide sharing of tools, processes and lessons learned from pilot sites


Subcommittee Purpose

The Education Subcommittee shall develop a comprehensive Education Plan (Plan) to support the implementation of the Pretrial Fairness Act (PFA) effective January 1, 2023.

Subcommittee Activities

To accomplish its purpose, this subcommittee will conduct the following activities:

  1. Develop a comprehensive education plan to identify the following and sustain continuing education post PFA implementation.
  2. Identify overall educational goals.
  3. Identify the Stakeholders, including the community.
  4. Determine the educational needs of each Stakeholder group.
  5. Develop a comprehensive PFA curriculum.
  6. Design courses consistent with Stakeholder need and overall educational goal.
  7. Identify presenters.
  8. Develop a calendar of PFA programs and course presentations.
  9. Collaborate with the Task Force Guidelines, Assessment and Communication Subcommittees, to ensure educational content, materials and resources align.
  10.   Coordinate with OSPS on PFA related education content, materials and resources.


Subcommittee Purpose

The purpose of the Communications Subcommittee is to develop a plan and resources to educate diverse internal and external audiences about the PFA—including the legal and evidence-based practices that will support successful implementation of the law—and the AOIC’s plans for PFA implementation.

Subcommittee Activities

To accomplish its purpose, this subcommittee will conduct the following activities:

  1. Prepare a strategic communications plan for both internal and external audiences that the Task Force can discuss and approve.
            a. Create a public webpage that covers the basics of the PFA, explainers, and news coverage; this would be geared towards public, media, legislators.
  2. Identify and recruit spokespeople from varied constituencies, including stakeholder agencies, advocacy groups, and the community.
  3. Create documents (e.g., issue briefs, policy summaries, talking points) that are designed to:
           a. help the public understand the changes underway as the PFA is implemented
            b. provide clear, accurate, and up-to-date guidance to those speaking publicly (or internally) about PFA implementation
  4. Coordinate with the Education Subcommittee and PFA Guidelines Subcommittee to ensure consistency in content and messaging.


Subcommittee Purpose

Review pretrial-related legislation for possible improvements and clarity.

Pretrial Assessment Tools

Subcommittee Purpose

The purpose of the Pretrial Assessment Tools subcommittee is to develop and approve guidelines for scoring and using assessment tools related to the Pretrial Fairness Act (PFA).

Subcommittee Activities

To accomplish its purpose, this subcommittee will conduct the following activities:

  1. Review the sections of PFA about the use of pretrial assessment tools
  2. Identify existing pretrial services professionals within Illinois and outside of Illinois to serve as advisors to the subcommittee, as necessary
  3. Develop processes and clearly defined instructions on scoring the three approved tools in use across Illinois (ORAS, VPRAI-R, PSA)
  4. Represent the Taskforce on the JSP Steering Committee for the development of a statewide tool
  5. Identify potential research questions or measures that may need to be forwarded to the AOIC (OSPS) data team
  6. Defining willful vs. non-willful flight - Potential cross over with PFA Guidelines

Pretrial Task