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Illinois Supreme Court Unveils Redesigned Website


The Illinois Supreme Court unveiled a newly redesigned website for the Judicial Branch. Featuring an entirely new modern layout, new features, and color scheme, the website was developed to be more user-friendly and mobile-friendly using a responsive design.

The website of the Illinois Courts is

“The Illinois Supreme Court is extremely excited for the rollout of this new website,” Chief Justice Anne M. Burke said. “It contains a wealth of information on the Illinois Judicial Branch including the Circuit, Appellate and Supreme Court levels. Extensive user testing was done to ensure that people are able to quickly and easily navigate to find what they need.”

The new website has been designed to include four major portals on its home page which represent those that would most likely need information from the Illinois Courts: the general public, judges, lawyers, and the media. The home page also includes a link to numerous Helpful Services from the Illinois Courts that users may be visiting the website to find. An improved Self Help section is catered to self-represented litigants.

All content from the previous website has been migrated over and is available on the new site with improved functionality. A new mega-menu allows website users to find what they are looking for with greater ease and less clicks and users will be able to receive email or text notifications for a variety of updates to the website such as court opinions, oral argument calendars, and press releases.

Other new and improved features include a Find Your Court directory with listings for all of the state’s 108 courts, new filters to search and sort reviewing court opinions and Rule 23 orders, improved access to Supreme Court Rules, robust search capabilities throughout the site, Probation services, a Forms Hub, and a judicial vacancies section to list both associate and circuit vacancies.

The new website is a collaboration of Judicial Branch staff and the Website Task Force of the Illinois Judicial Conference, chaired by Lake County Judge Daniel B. Shanes.

“I would like to commend the Judicial Branch Staff and the members of the Task Force for the enormous amount of work they put into this new site,” Judge Shanes said. “Reimagining a site with thousands of pages and documents was a daunting task, but the end result is something to celebrate.”

The Illinois Courts website receives an average of approximately 500,000 visits per month for a total of 6 million visits annually. Popular pages include Supreme and Appellate Court opinions, Supreme Court Rules and statewide forms, which have been grouped together in a new Court Forms Hub.