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Justice David K. Overstreet Sworn-In


Justice David K. Overstreet Sworn-In

December 21, 2020

On December 3, 2020, Fifth District Appellate Justice David K. Overstreet was sworn-in as the newest Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court at the Illinois Supreme Court Building in Springfield.

Chief Justice Anne M. Burke and the retiring Justice Lloyd. A Karmeier, who Justice Overstreet is replacing as the elected Supreme Court Justice representing the Fifth District, hosted the proceedings.

Dan Northcutt of the Mount Vernon Church of Christ offered a prayer and the Hon. Timothy R. Neubauer of Mount Vernon spoke of his friendship with Justice Overstreet and Justice Overstreet’s character.

Justice Karmeier offered remarks to Justice Overstreet and reflected on his own tenure on the Supreme Court before administering the oath to Justice Overstreet, who was joined by his wife Suzanne.

Justice Overstreet put on his robe and joined Chief Justice Burke and Justice Karmeier on the bench where he thanked family and friends and discussed looking forward to serving the people of Illinois.