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Illinois Supreme Court announces appointees to six Judicial College committees


May 25 , 2017

Chief Justice Lloyd A. Karmeier and the Illinois Supreme Court announced on May 16 appointees to the six standing committees of the Judicial College. The committees, which will develop curricula for the Judicial College, are Probation Education, Trial Court Administrator Education, Circuit Clerk Education, Guardian ad litem Education, Judicial Branch Staff Education, and Judicial Education.

“Since the Supreme Court first committed itself to  making ongoing education an integral part of judicial service,  we have depended on the contributions of committee volunteers to help us understand what needs to be done and how we should do it," said Chief Justice Karmeier.

“For decades, the members of the Judicial Conference Committee on Education have done an extraordinary job in assisting the court in developing the appropriate and effective training programs.  As Illinois now moves into a new era with creation of the Judicial College, the Court will look to the College’s Board of Trustees and these standing committees to take over that vital role and to guide us in the development and implementation of programs that will benefit everyone who serves the judicial branch, staff as well as judges.”

Established in January 2016, the Judicial College is designed to provide comprehensive and multidisciplinary educational programs and professional development training to the state's judges and Judicial Branch employees. This will include identifying opportunities to enhance the efficient and effective administration of justice. The Illinois Judicial College consists of a seven-member Board of Trustees and six standing committees.

"The Illinois Supreme Court created the Judicial College to ensure all of our justice partners are committed to bringing access to justice and procedural fairness to the people of Illinois," said Justice Mary Jane Theis, who serves as Ex Officio to the Judicial College. "A robust training program will enhance public trust and confidence in the integrity of the justice system."

The Committee on Judicial Education (COJE) will deliver education and training for all Illinois judges, including identifying issues that may impact decision making and court administration by Illinois judges. COJE will recommend and develop continuing education opportunities for both new and experienced Illinois Judges. The COJE consists of 28 members who are all Illinois judges. The Hon. Robert J. Anderson of DuPage County will serve as Chair with the Hon. Robert C. Bollinger of Macon County serving as Vice Chair.

"Cooperation and collaboration form the foundation for the Illinois Judicial College.  Learning from each other, sharing resources and insights, we can better serve the citizens of Illinois," said Cook County Associate Judge Thomas M. Donnelly, who serves as Chair of the Judicial College Board. "If judges and those who help judges do justice listen to each other and learn from each other, we will come closer to realizing equal justice under law for all Illinoisans."

The Committee on Probation Education (COPE) will provide oversight for statewide probation and court services continuing education in Illinois consistent with evidence-based practices. COPE will recommend and develop programs for new and experienced probation officers and court services staff. The COPE consists of 15 members with eight directors/managers representing Probation, Juvenile, Detention and Pretrial Services, one member of the Supreme Court Probation Policy Advisory Board, five judges, including, one Chief Judge who serves as the Chair of the Conference of Chief Circuit Judges Subcommittee on Probation, four judges, and one manager or coordinator of a Problem Solving Court. Margi Gilmour, Director of Probation & Court Services in DeKalb County, will serve as Chair with the Hon. Liam C. Brennan of DuPage County serving as Vice Chair.

The Committee on Trial Court Administrator Education (TCAE) will coordinate, direct, deliver and provide oversight for the provision of continuing education and professional development for Trial Court Administrators, Deputy Administrators, or individuals serving in that capacity. The TCAE consists of 15 members with 10 Trial Court Administrators representing each of the five appellate districts, and five judges, including, one Chief Judge, and four trial court judges. James "Dan" Wallis, Court Administrator of McHenry County, will serve as Chair with the Hon. Craig H. DeArmond, Chief Judge of the 5th Judicial Circuit, serving as Vice Chair.

The Committee on Circuit Court Clerk Education (CCCE) will design curriculum tailored to the needs of the state's circuit court clerks and implement collaborative education programs in coordination with the Illinois Association of Court Clerks. The CCCE consists of 14 members with five circuit court clerks (one from each appellate district), five judges (one chief judge), three trial court administrators and one appellate court clerk. Cynthia J. Braden, Circuit Clerk of Moultrie County, will serve as Chair with the Hon. Mark L. Levitt of Lake County serving as Vice Chair.

The Committee on Guardian ad litem Education (GALE) will deliver continuing education for Guardians ad litem (GALS), including identifying opportunities to enhance the effective and efficient administration of justice. The GALE Committee consists of 14 members with two parent attorneys, one public defender, one private attorney, one prosecutor, one Illinois Department of Children and Family Services representative, three guardians ad litem from the Office of the Cook County Office of Public Guardian in the first appellate district, four guardians ad litem from the four remaining appellate districts representing various areas of expertise, and three judges, with varied expertise. Robert Harris, Cook County Public Guardian, will serve as Chair with the Hon. Mark Clarke of the 1st Judicial Circuit serving as Vice Chair.

The Committee on Judicial Branch Staff Education (JBSE) will deliver continuing education for all Judicial Branch staff. The JBSE consists of 12 members who are all members of the judicial branch. Jack Flood, Clerk of the 5th District Appellate Court, will serve as Chair with Justice Susan Hutchinson of the 2nd District Appellate Court serving as Vice Chair.

Chairs and Vice Chairs will serve for three year terms. Inaugural members of Standing Committees will serve varied staggered terms as noted on the Orders.

"The members of these six committees were identified among the leaders in our justice system and were selected for their skills, experience and passion to serve the College in meeting its charge and purpose," said Michael J. Tardy, Director of the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, who also serves as Ex Officio to the Judicial College. "We greatly appreciate the time and commitment that will be required to achieve our collective goals."

The full rosters for each committee are available on the Courts website under the new Judicial College tab at