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Illinois Judges Receive Recognition and Awards


December 27, 2017

Illinois judges are increasingly being recognized for their dedicated work in courtrooms throughout the state. Here is a rundown of some of the recent honors received by Illinois judges:

  • Cook County Circuit Judge Mary Anne Mason was honored in November by the Illinois Bar Foundation with a Distinguished Service to Law & Society Award.
  • The Honorable James Wexstten, a retired 5th District Appellate Court Justice, was honored in November with the Distinguished Service to Law & Society Award.
  • 18th County Circuit Judge Dorothy French Mallen and Cook County Circuit Judge Lorna Propes both received the Jury Verdict Reporter’s Lifetime Achievement Awards.

The Illinois Judges Association presented its 2017 awards at the association's Annual Convention luncheon held December 8, 2017 at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago. 

  • The Honorable Richard P. Goldenhersh, an appellate justice in the Fifth District, received the Lifetime Achievement Award in appreciation of over 40 years of service to the Illinois Judges Association that included tenure as President from 1991to 1992, service as chair or a member on every committee of the association, and as an outspoken advocate for the association and its individual members.
  • The Honorable Mary S. Schostok, an appellate justice in the Second District, was presented with the Distinguished Service Award in recognition of devoted service to the courts, community, and the nation, and particularly for her service as Chair of the Judges' Retirement System, as Trustee on the Illinois State Board of Investments, and as creator of the association’s “Page It Forward” elementary school reading program.
  • Cook County Circuit Court Judge Russell Hartigan (Retired) was given the Presidential Service Award in recognition of the credit he has brought upon the judiciary as the first sitting judge elected as president of the Illinois State Bar Association (2017-2018) and for promoting cooperative efforts between the ISBA and IJA.
  • The Honorable Lisa Holder White, an appellate justice in the Fourth District, was awarded the Harold Sullivan Award in recognition of exemplary service to the judiciary, particularly in the area of judicial education with her work on the Judicial College Board of Trustees, on the Illinois Supreme Court Judicial Conference Committee on Education, at the New Judges Seminar and the bi-annual Education Conference.
  • Recently retired Judges Retirement System Manager Jayne Waldeck was presented the Amicus Curiae Award, given to an individual not a member of the judiciary and in recognition of excellent service to judges, for her years of dedicated, professional, and courteous service to judges, their dependents, and survivors.

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