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Clerk's Office to Take Requests for Certificates of Good Standing Online


May 26, 2020

The Illinois Supreme Court announced that on June 1, 2020 the Supreme Court Clerk's Office will begin offering an option for attorneys to request a Certificate of Good Standing online through a link on the Supreme Court's website.

Attorneys shall make a request for a Certificate of Good Standing by filling out requested information and then paying the $15 fee electronically on the Illinois State Treasurer's ePAY site, a full-service electronic payment program specifically designed for Illinois governments. Additional copies will cost $5 each.

The Clerk's Office is unable to offer an electronic copy of the certificate itself at this time as most jurisdictions still require a raised seal on the certificates.

"This option will be a great convenience for Illinois attorneys," Supreme Court Clerk Carolyn Taft Grosboll said. "It streamlines the process for those needing a Certificate of Good Standing."

Having the ability to request a Certificate of Good Standing and pay online will significantly decrease the turn-around time for an attorney to receive their certificate, as it is not unusual for the clerk's office to receive 100 such requests per day. With the payment made available online with ePAY, processing time will be significantly reduced.