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Illinois Supreme Court Holds Oral Arguments Via Zoom for First Time in its History


May 26, 2020


The Illinois Supreme Court, for the first time in its history, held oral arguments via the Zoom videoconference platform in May. The Court did this to practice social distancing while still conducting court proceedings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"These are extraordinary times, but what we have found is that we can keep our traditions the same. Holding oral arguments via Zoom would have sounded beyond our abilities a few months ago, but now feels almost normal," Chief Justice Anne M. Burke said. "The Court has found that a lot of our regular work – including oral arguments – can be done remotely while still keeping people safe from COVID-19."

The court heard four cases on May 12, three cases on May 13 and three cases on May 14. The Call of the Docket for the May 2020 Term is available on the Court's website.

Court personnel scheduled training sessions with counsel so they could learn what to expect and answer any questions counsel might have related to the virtual proceedings.

The arguments were livestreamed and recorded on the Court's YouTube page here.