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Illinois Supreme Court amends rejection standards for circuit and reviewing courts


The Illinois Supreme Court announced the implementation of standardized rejection protocols for electronically submitted filings (e-filings) in both circuit courts and reviewing courts through an amendment to Supreme Court Rule 9. Rule 9, which is titled Electronic Filing of Documents, is intended to ensure statewide uniformity; the amendment adopting the Rejection Standards will provide filers with guidance on correcting their filings for resubmission.

The Rejection Standards and amendment to Rule 9 are effective September 1, 2024. Rejection Standards for both the reviewing and circuit courts were proposed by the Supreme

Court’s e-Business Policy Advisory Board (Policy Board). Reviewing and Circuit Court Clerks were provided a draft list of the standards by the Policy Board which requested feedback prior to the recommendation being submitted to the Supreme Court.

Created in November 2014, the Policy Board is charged with providing recommendations, advice, and guidance to the Supreme Court and Administrative Office regarding implementation of e-Business applications and data exchanges in the Illinois courts. Fourth District Appellate Justice Eugene G. Doherty serves as chair of the Policy Board and Supreme Court Clerk Cynthia Grant serves as Vice-chair.

Amended Rule 9 and the Illinois Supreme Court Rules can be found here: