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Beyond the Bench with Judge Tiesha L. Smith


Beyond the Bench is a monthly feature to get to know more about judges and justices in the Illinois Courts, beyond their legal duties.

Name: Tiesha L. Smith

Title: Circuit Court Judge

Circuit or Judicial District: Cook County

Growing up, what was your favorite subject in school? Why?

Math. It came easy to me. There is something about solving a math problem that makes me feel all good inside. The same feeling you feel when doing a puzzle. That is what math does for me.

Are you an early riser or a night owl?

I do not consider myself as either. On any given day, I can stay up all night or go to sleep early.

What is one product you couldn’t live without (skincare, electronic, etc.)? Why?

Cell phone, because it is easy to keep in touch with everyone and it also serves as a computer where I can use it to do research whenever I need to.

What is a misconception people have about judges/the judicial branch? Why do you think people believe this?

People often believe that Judges don’t live ordinary lives because the only time that they get to see Judges are in formal settings, where Judges appear at that time to be bigger than life. What people fail to realize is that Judges are regular human beings that live ordinary lives and have problems just like everyone else.

Growing up, what clubs did you participate in? Did you play a sport or instrument, perform in school plays, etc.?

Growing up, I was part of the neighborhood’s softball team where we would play against other neighborhoods. I was the pitcher and my team won several trophies for being the best team. I also played high school basketball but my mere height of 5’2” made me give up that dream.