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Beyond the Bench with Judge Amanda Ade-Harlow


Beyond the Bench is a monthly feature to get to know more about judges and justices in the Illinois Courts, beyond their legal duties.

Name: Amanda S. Ade-Harlow

Title: Circuit Judge

Circuit or Judicial District: 4th Judicial Circuit

What is your favorite restaurant in the area you serve? What’s your go-to order there?

Mama Chan’s in Moweaqua, Illinois. Beef Pad Ke Mao (no basil, thin noodles) or Chicken Pad Thai with appetizers of Beef Wontons and Crab Rangoon.

Have you ever failed at something? What was it, and what did you do afterwards?

I can’t say that I have failed at anything but rather, I have come up short on occasion. As an attorney, I applied for a higher position and was not chosen. I reflected on my career and looked at what others in a similar, higher position had that I did not. Based on those differences, I began to make career choices that would allow me to gain the experience needed if another chance would come available.

What’s the best career advice you have received?

At law school orientation, the speaker told us to look to our left and right because only 1 of the 3 of us will graduate. I refused to be the 2 out of 3. That has been a major driving force throughout my legal career.

What TV show is your guilty pleasure that you enjoy rewatching?

Criminal Minds. Just another form of problem solving but without the always right or wrong answer.

What is your “happy place”? Why?

Home is my “happy place”. Spending time with family and friends during holidays, get-togethers, and cookouts brings a level of unmeasurable inner peace and pure joy.