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ILCH Meet the Team


In May 2021, Illinois welcomed a groundbreaking initiative known as Illinois Court Help, designed to assist court users in navigating the complex world of the state legal system. Committed to providing invaluable support, Illinois Court Help has played a crucial role in helping over 30,000 individuals across all 102 counties. With a team of dedicated professionals, this statewide program has become a lifeline for those in need of guidance, court forms, e-filing support, and more.

The Team Behind the Scenes

Illinois Court Help is more than just a program; it's a team of compassionate and knowledgeable individuals who are the driving force behind its success. Led by Senior Supervising Program Manager Avani Patel, the team comprises of Senior Court Guides Jessica Acosta and Helen Doig, along with Court Guides Sara Schlecht, Brittany Underwood, Cali Morrissey, Tahmia Dugger, Janice Coleman, Rick Hamer, Darli Cortez, and Daisy Fermaint. These dedicated professionals are the pillars of support for court users who find themselves navigating the intricacies of the legal system.

A Multifaceted Approach to Assistance

Illinois Court Help offers a multifaceted approach to assisting court users. It’s a program that understands the diverse needs of individuals, providing guidance and information across various aspects of the legal process. Whether you are struggling with court processes, court forms, e-filing, or seeking information about legal assistance, the Illinois Court Help team is just a call or text away. You can reach them at 833-411-1121 or visit to send them a message. They are here to ensure that you never feel alone while trying to navigate court services and resources.

A Helping Hand in Times of Need

Users of Illinois Court Help often have pressing questions about the legal process, from obtaining forms to initiating small claims cases or opening probate estates, to seeking guidance on urgent matters like domestic abuse or eviction. The team at Illinois Court Help is well-equipped to assist with these queries, patiently guiding users through the necessary steps. The feedback received from court users has been overwhelmingly positive, with an astonishing 92.4% of respondents to a customer satisfaction survey rating their experiences as "Good."

Many have described the Court Guides as patient, kind, knowledgeable, and even "lifesavers." These professionals are not only committed to their roles but also to the individuals they help. Here are two success stories that exemplify the invaluable service provided by Illinois Court Help:

1. E-Filing Assistance in Cook County

A recent court user called Illinois Court Help multiple times to receive help with e-filing her forms for a small claims case in Cook County. She also needed assistance ensuring that her forms were correctly filled out. Illinois Court Help not only provided the correct forms but also explained, line by line, what needed to be filled out, demonstrated how to e-file the documents, and clarified how to serve them to the other party. The court user, despite needing to call back a few times, was full of praise, remarking that all five Court Guides she interacted with were "very nice and helpful."

2. Navigating a Divorce in DuPage County

Another recent court user filed for divorce as a self-represented individual in DuPage County. Throughout the various stages of their case, they reached out to four different Court Guides to obtain the necessary forms, understand service of process, receive assistance with e-filing court documents, and secure help with scheduling a court date. They had nothing but positive things to say, highlighting that the Illinois Court Help guides were "very helpful" and that it would have been "very hard to navigate representing myself in my divorce without their help."

A User's Perspective

One Illinois Court Help user beautifully captured the essence of the program, saying, "Simply said, the agent who I initially contacted and with whom I eventually spoke was cheerful, patient, and courteous—and, obviously, helpful—in walking me through the unnecessarily complicated and often opaque process of do-it-yourself filing for an appearance before the court."

Illinois Court Help is more than just a program; it's a lifeline for those navigating the legal maze. It embodies a spirit of assistance, compassion, and expertise, making the path through the legal system smoother and more accessible for all. With an impressive track record and a team of dedicated professionals, Illinois Court Help stands as a beacon of hope and support for those who seek justice and understanding.