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Illinois Supreme Court amends orders entered in response to the COVID-19 emergency


With the official end of the COVID-19 public health emergency approaching on May 11, Chief Justice Mary Jane Theis and the Illinois Supreme Court recently announced amendments to orders entered in response to the COVID-19 emergency under M.R. 30370, In re Illinois Courts Response to COVID-19 Emergency. The Court also announced corresponding amendments to Rules 101, 102, 283, 284, and the adoption of new Rules 102.1 and 242. These and earlier amendments to Supreme Court Rules, make permanent certain temporary measures adopted during the pandemic.

Although the Court vacated certain temporary provisions, including those governing remote proceedings in adult criminal matters, many of these measures are memorialized and permitted under Supreme Court Rules, including previously amended Rule 45 and accompanying local circuit court rules. Likewise, the Court has permanently adopted the requirement that in cases seeking less than $50,000 or subject to mandatory arbitration, the summons must set the first date that the defendant has to appear not less than 40 or more than 61 days after issuance of the summons.

Please note that the M.R.s relating to the Court-Based Rental Assistance Program that continues to be available, M.R. 30370, In re: Illinois Courts Response to COVID-19 Emergency/Court- Based Rental Assistance (most recently amended September 20, 2022) and M.R. 30370 In re: Illinois Courts Response to COVID-19/Access to Sealed Information for the Court-Based Rental Assistance Program (entered October 28, 2021), remain in effect and still require the attachment of a notice of the Court-Based Rental Assistance Program to all summons in residential eviction cases.

The amended rules are effective immediately. The Illinois Supreme Court Rules can be found here:

The amendments were drafted by the Court Operations During COVID-19 Task Force of the Illinois Judicial Conference. The task force is composed of circuit judges, trial court administrators, circuit clerks, and practicing attorneys. You can learn more about the Illinois Judicial Conference here.