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Supreme Court amends Rule 711 on temporary licensure to include federal court work


Chief Justice Anne M. Burke and the Illinois Supreme Court announced an amendment to Supreme Court Rule 711 (Rule 711), which allows law students and recent law school graduates to obtain temporary law licenses to perform legal services, to include federal court work. The amended order is effective immediately and is available here.

Rule 711 previously allowed licensees to work for certain non-profit and public-sector employers practicing in the Illinois state courts but did not reference federal courts. The amendment to Rule 711 allows for employment at federal government agencies practicing in the federal courts in Illinois and for license holders to appear in the federal courts when permitted by applicable federal rules.

Rule 711 allows law students and recent graduates to gain practical, hands-on legal experience prior to bar admission under the guidance and supervision of their law school advisors and supervising licensed attorney-employers. It also serves as an opportunity for law students and recent graduates to gain exposure to and explore careers in public service.

Applications for licensure under Illinois Supreme Court Rule 711 are available here.