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Pretrial Implementation Task Force releases flowchart and considerations documents


The Illinois Supreme Court Pretrial Implementation Task Force (Task Force) posted on its website new flowcharts and considerations documents on the setting of release conditions and arrest warrants and orders to show cause.

These are the fourth and fifth flowchart and considerations documents released by the Task Force, and these draft guidance documents are subject to change. The previous flowcharts described Pre-First Appearance Activities, Release from Custody, and Release by Citation.

The flowcharts and other Task Force information can be found at:

The Task Force was created in 2020 and originally charged with implementing the recommendations of the Supreme Court’s Commission on Pretrial Practices. Following the passage of the Public Act 101-652, the Task Force was further charged with preparing and educating all Illinois counties and stakeholders on the Pretrial Fairness Act provisions of Public Act 101-652, which goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2023. This legislation abolishes the use of cash bail in pretrial release decisions on Jan. 1 and establishes new processes for pretrial release and detention decisions.

The Hon. Robbin Stuckert (ret.) serves as Chair of the Task Force.

Future town hall meetings are scheduled for the third Thursday of the month at noon: September 15, October 20, and continuing into 2023. Any questions regarding the town halls and the work of the Task Force can be sent to