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First District Appellate Court adopts amended rules


The First District Appellate Court has adopted amended rules of procedure which became on May 2.

The new amended rules can be found here.

The First District previously announced its new set of rules last year, which came into effect on July 1, 2021. The 40 rules prior to the change were replaced by 24 new rules, and the new rules were shortened from the old rules by about 2,200 words.

The new rules and their amendments are a result of the work by the 24-member District Executive Committee as well as the Justices of the First District who reviewed these new rules, made suggestions, and adopted them. Justice Aurelia Pucinski serves as the Chair of the District Executive Committee.

The First District Appellate Court is located in Chicago and hears cases appealed from trial courts in Cook County. The First District is divided into six divisions.