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Illinois Supreme Court announces creation of Commission on Elder Law


The Illinois Supreme Court announced a new order establishing the Supreme Court Commission on Elder Law (Commission).

The Commission was created as a result of the Supreme Court’s interest in studying ways in which state courts can better serve the needs of those in advancing years. The legal problems facing these individuals extends not only to the role the courts play in terms of guardianship cases but also in the Judicial Branch’s obligation to protect the legal rights of the most vulnerable populations, both the young and the old.

“The aging of the baby boom generation has made Elder Law one of the fastest growing areas for state courts,” Chief Justice Anne M. Burke said. “We look forward to hearing from this Commission on how to best serve the needs of our more senior court users.”

Chicago attorney Kerry R. Peck will serve as the first Chair of the Commission on Elder Law. He is currently the managing partner of Peck Ritchey, LLC. Justice Robert L. Carter has been appointed to serve as the Supreme Court Liaison to the Commission.

“Older Adults are vulnerable, require protection and are exposed to a unique set of circumstances,” Peck said. “This commission will evaluate the risks older adults face and propose solutions to the Supreme Court. I am honored to be appointed as Chair by the Supreme Court and thank the Court for their support.”

The Commission will address a variety of legal issues confronted by seniors in Illinois and across the nation. It will include in its scope the collection of experiential information regarding attempts to defraud seniors in Illinois and making recommendations for Judicial Branch policies, procedures, and Supreme Court rules to aid in reducing such attempts and mitigating their effects, as well as studying the programs of other states in their respective Judicial Branch approach to tackling Elder Law issues.

The full list of individuals appointed to the Board and their terms can be found here.