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Illinois Supreme Court announces new appointments to E-Business Policy Board


The Illinois Supreme Court announced new appointments to the Supreme Court e-Business Policy Advisory Board (the Board) effective immediately.

Created in November 2014, the Board is charged with providing recommendations, advice, and guidance to the Supreme Court and Administrative Office regarding implementation of e- Business applications and data exchanges in the Illinois circuit courts. Among its achievements has been the recommendation and assistance implementing mandatory statewide electronic filing in Illinois civil court cases.

Seventeenth Circuit Judge Eugene G. Doherty will serve as the new Chair of the Board for a term expiring March 31, 2025. Third Circuit Judge David A. Hylla (ret.) of Madison County had served as Board Chair since its founding.

“The Court thanks Judge Hylla for his outstanding service as Chair of this important body,” Chief Justice Anne M. Burke said. “We appreciate his continued service on the Board and welcome Judge Doherty as the new Chair. Judge Doherty has provided vital trial court leadership to the Judicial Branch during the COVID-19 pandemic and we look forward to his assistance in advancing our electronic services.”

Judge Hylla will remain on the Board for a term expiring on March 31, 2025. Additional members of the Board include:

  • Judge Katherine Gorman, Peoria
  • Judge Thaddeus Wilson, Chicago
  • Ogle County Circuit Clerk Kimberly Stahl, Oregon
  • Lake County Trial Court Administrator Todd Schroeder, Waukegan
  • Attorney Trent Bush, Sterling
  • Attorney Aaron Brooks, Naperville
  • Illinois Legal Aid Online Executive Director Terri Ross, Chicago
  • 4th Appellate District Clerk Carla Bender, Springfield
  • Cook County Executive Clerk of Court Operations Carmen Navarro-Gercone, Chicago
  • SIU School of Law Dean Camille Davidson, Carbondale
  • Appellate Lawyer’s Association President Scott Howie, Chicago
  • Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism Counsel Mark Palmer, Champaign
  • 1st Appellate District Justice Mathias Delort, Chicago
  • McHenry County Circuit Clerk Kathy Keefe, Woodstock
  • 22nd Circuit Chief Judge James Cowlin, Woodstock
  • 4th Circuit Judge Amanda Ade-Harlow, Shelbyville
  • Land of Lincoln Legal Aid Executive Director Clarissa Gaff, East St. Louis
  • Monroe County Circuit Clerk Lisa Fallon, Waterloo
  • Cook County Courts Director of Information Services Mike Carroll, Chicago The full list of individuals appointed to the Board and their terms can be found here.