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Pretrial Services in Illinois webinar


The Office of Statewide Pretrial Services (OSPS) held a webinar entitled “Pretrial Services in Illinois (A Multidisciplinary Overview)” on March 4th which was attended by over 350 people.

The course provided an overview and introduction to the OSPS, which was introduced in August 2021, and has been tasked with the development and enforcement of all pretrial standards throughout Illinois in order to support the implementation of the Criminal Justice Reform Act (SAFE-T Act).

The course was hosted by OSPS Director the Hon. Cara LeFevour Smith, Deputy Director Wendy Venverloth, and the Hon. Robbin Stuckert, who had served as chair of both the Illinois Supreme Court Commission and Task Force on Pretrial Practices.

The course was developed collaboratively by the OSPS, the Supreme Court Pretrial Practices Implementation Task Force and the Supreme Court of Illinois Judicial College Committees on Judicial Education, Circuit Court Clerk Education, GAL Education, Probation Education, and Trial Court Administrator Education.