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St. Clair County receives nearly $700,000 technology grant for court upgrades


The St. Clair County Judiciary and Court System are pleased to announce the award of a Technology Modernization grant in the amount of $696,792.47. The purpose of the grant is to upgrade the technology and related support systems for the operations of the St. Clair County trial courtrooms.

As the person responsible for the technology systems in the courtrooms, Deputy Trial Court Administrator Maggie Smith states: "Receiving this grant is vital to St. Clair County keeping pace with the ever changing technology needed for our courts. The end result will be more efficient courtrooms."

Asked for her assessment Circuit Clerk Marie Zaiz states: "It will help provide much needed equipment to aid my employees in performing their jobs in a timely manner. We are excited to receive new and updated equipment."

Chief Judge Andrew J. Gleeson states: "This grant will be transformational for the Court in St. Clair County. The judiciary, staff and vendors collaboratively, led by Maggie Smith and Mary Berneking, Trial Court Administrator, exceeded our expectations in preparing and executing this grant process. Great job by all."