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Winnebago County Drug Court celebrates 48th graduation


Judge Janet R. Holmgren, Presiding Judge of the Problem-Solving Courts Division, is pleased to announce that the Winnebago County Adult Drug Court held its 48th graduation ceremony on November 17, 2021. Eleven Drug Court participants successfully completed all of the Drug Court program requirements and were honored at this graduation ceremony. Including these 11 graduates, a total of 721 participants have successfully completed Drug Court since the program began in 1996.

Drug Court is an intensive problem-solving court program that targets persons in the criminal justice system who are physically dependent upon drugs and/or alcohol. Participants voluntarily consent to participate in the program which provides them with a full continuum of substance use disorder treatment services in order to successfully achieve and maintain sobriety. A multi-disciplinary team of clinical and justice professionals closely supervise each participant’s compliance with treatment and probation supervision requirements and hold them accountable through frequent court appearances before Judge Holmgren, random and frequent drug testing, and intensive probation supervision.

“The purpose of Drug Court is to improve the quality of life for the individual participants, their families and our community by restoring them to a safe and sober lifestyle which in turn dramatically reduces the likelihood that they will commit new offenses because of their addiction,” stated Judge Holmgren. “Each of our graduates has a compelling story about the destructive impact and struggles caused by their disease and how they utilized the resources and supports of Drug Court, make it possible for them to restore and rebuild their health and relationships with their families, keep and retain employment and/or pursue their education and overall, giving them the opportunities to be positive, contributing members of our community.”

This achievement comes following National Drug Court Month in May and highlights the powerful impact that Drug Courts have on the community. Over the past year, the Drug Court program has adapted to virtual court and treatment services to continue this vital program during the pandemic.