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Office of Statewide Pretrial Services State of Illinois Judicial Branch Electronic Monitoring System

The Office of Statewide Pretrial Services’ (OSPS or Office) mission is to assist in the administration of justice and promote community safety by ensuring fairness and equality in the pretrial process. The OSPS is a statewide office that provides pretrial services, serving as the designated pretrial service agency under the Pretrial Services Act, 725 ILCS 185. The Office implements pretrial services throughout Illinois by employing direct service pretrial staff who conduct pretrial investigations and provide various levels of pretrial supervision. By January 1, 2023, OSPS will provide pretrial services in at least 69 of 102 counties in Illinois. (See Attachment G for a map of counties where OSPS will provide pretrial services.)

During calendar year 2023, OSPS projects it will provide electronic monitoring to an estimated 500-750 criminal defendants who are released during the pretrial phase. OSPS anticipates using three types of electronic monitoring: global positioning system (GPS), radio frequency (RF), and alcohol monitoring. The alcohol monitoring can take one of two forms: remote breath or continuous alcohol monitoring. OSPS will consider proposals for both types of alcohol monitoring.

The Office invites submissions of proposals for electronic monitoring systems to provide remote location monitoring, confinement monitoring and alcohol monitoring in accordance with the conditions set forth in this request for proposal (RFP), accompanying documents, and in accordance with the law. With this request for proposal, OSPS is soliciting proposals for all three types of electronic monitoring. While OSPS does not require a single vendor to provide all three types of electronic monitoring, it is preferred to have one vendor provide all three. A vendor who is only able to provide one or two types of the electronic monitoring is not disqualified and is encouraged to submit a bid. OSPS reserves the right to select one, two or three of the electronic monitoring technologies from a single or multiple vendors.

OSPS is seeking competitive proposals from interested and qualified vendors with a proven track record providing electronic monitoring services. As outlined below, vendors shall submit proposals to no later than 5:00 p.m. CST on December 30, 2022. All vendors who are deemed to have submitted responsive proposals will be asked to provide a 90-minute demonstration to the Evaluation Committee.