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Pretrial Case Management System Request for Proposal


The Office of Statewide Pretrial Services’ (OSPS or Office) mission is to assist in the administration of justice and promote community safety by ensuring fairness and equality in the pretrial process. The OSPS is a statewide office that provides pretrial services, serving as the designated pretrial service agency under the Pretrial Services Act, 725 ILCS 185. The Office develops pretrial standards throughout Illinois, including employing direct service pretrial staff who conduct pretrial investigations and provide pretrial supervision.

The Office invites submissions of proposals for an integrated, comprehensive, pretrial case management system (CMS) and associated implementation services in compliance with the terms and conditions set forth in this request for proposal (RFP) and accompanying documents. In 2022, OSPS will provide pretrial services in at least 63 of 102 counties in Illinois and plans to expand its pretrial services to all Illinois counties by 2025.

The Office is soliciting proposals for a comprehensive case management system for pretrial services to criminal defendants (clients) in Illinois. The two primary job functions of the Office are to perform pretrial investigations prior to initial bail hearings and to provide pretrial supervision of clients released during the pretrial phase.