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Procurement Opportunities | State of Illinois Office of the Illinois Courts

Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice Online Dispute Resolution Program


The goal of this program is to support the incubation and implementation of ODR programs throughout the state to evaluate their effectiveness, benefits, and downsides. We encourage diverse and innovative proposals across all areas of law, technology platforms, and segments of Illinois’ population, including but not limited to self-represented litigants.

The ATJ Commission recognizes that launching a successful ODR program requires significant planning, strategizing, and collaborating with local stakeholders. Thus, the grant program will consider two types of proposals:

  1. Planning Phase: Proposals in their infancy, seeking assistance and guidance in creating and designing an ODR program; and
  2. Execution Phase: Proposals seeking assistance and guidance in launching a specific ODR program during the grant period that has already been identified and planned.

The ATJ Commission will provide support and guidance as needed, and grantees will be asked to share the experiences and insights they have gained throughout the grant period, culminating in a final report at the end of the grant cycle.