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Judicial Performance Evaluation Program


The Judicial Performance Evaluation (JPE) program for circuit and associate judges was established by Illinois Supreme Court Rule 58 in 1988 "to promote judicial excellence and competence." Upon inception of the JPE program in 1988, and under the current structure, participation by Illinois judges is voluntary. However, on December 1, 2008, and effective immediately, the Supreme Court of Illinois issued a press release announcing that every circuit and associate judge in the state of Illinois will be required to undergo an intensified judicial evaluation at least once during their tenure as judge; thereby making the judicial evaluation process mandatory. There are approximately 920 judgeships in the state of Illinois that will be eligible for evaluation at various intervals.

The objective of the program is to improve courtroom performance of the Illinois judiciary, through assessment and education. JPE is designed to maintain and improve judicial performance in an effort to enhance public confidence in the judiciary. The program is designed to be administered by an outside vendor and consists of collection and review of subjective data provided by attorneys and court personnel familiar with the judge's performance. A trained facilitator delivers information and discusses it with the participating judge. The process is entirely confidential and the survey results are available only to the judge and facilitator.

Specifically, the vendor will manage implementation and documentation of the program; collect and gather data related to judicial performance; organize the data in reports for purposes of self-improvement for program participants; develop standards and procedures to ensure validity, accuracy and integrity of data collected; adhere to confidentiality policies; develop and present training programs for facilitators; maintain confidential storage of all data; and provide own materials, supplies and equipment.

The solicitation package consists of the following sections:

1) "Instructions for Submitting Offers". This section advises what you need to know and do when preparing and submitting an offer to us. It also tells how we will evaluate your offer. The first page of the Instructions, the "Custom Page", will provide dates, locations and other information specific to this solicitation. For our purposes, "offer" is the term used to mean the response to an Invitation for Bids, or Request for Proposals and may sometimes be called a "bid" or "proposal".

2) "Solicitation Response Forms". We have presented our needs in the form of a proposed "Contract for Supplies and/or Services' which shows the specifications, how the offer must be priced, contract terms and other requirements. In addition, you must provide information about your company requested in the "Vendor Prequalification" section, including certain conflict of interest disclosures. Your response to this solicitation is voluntary, but without requested information we will not be able to consider your response.

Please read the entire solicitation package and submit your offer in accordance with the Instructions. The "Solicitation Response Forms", completed, signed and returned by you, will constitute your offer. Do not submit the Instruction pages with your offer. You should keep the Instructions and a copy of your offer (Solicitation Response Forms) for future reference.